Summer Kick Off at AMBAY!

Our summer vacay officially started last weekend and what better way to kick it off than with a trip to the beach. Nuj, one of the kids’ classmates, was celebrating his birthday in Ambay Beach Resort in Botolan, Zambales and we were invited. We had no plans that weekend, so off we went to Ambay.

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Celebrating Nuj’s birthday with good ol’ Pinoy parlor games!

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Boodle Fight!!! Veggie Sisig, Veggie Kare-Kare, and even the bagoong was vegan. Kids didn’t know they were eating veggie meat. ;D

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Simple amenities, Awesome peeps!

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What do you do with driftwood and trash washed away on the shore? Turn them into pieces of art, of course!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about Ambay, this place is for those looking for some repose from citylife. You’ll find no television, bars, or videokes here. Neither are there five-star hotel amenities. What you instead get is good ol’ sea, sand, and sun. Yep, it’s just the beach and your family. Just exactly what you need for a weekend of family bonding!

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We’re going back to Ambay to join the Kids Ultimate Summer Experience from May 2 to 4.  The 3-day camp is packed with fun activities for the kids and the kids at heart.  Sign up now to join the fun ‘coz they can accommodate only a limited number of guests. Visit the event page on FB at to reserve slots for your family.

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Barefoot No More Through Operation Blessing and Sole for Souls

Here’s a respite from all the bad news we’ve been hearing the past days.  I received this PRAISE release in my email a few days ago and am sharing it with you.  May this good news inspire you to continue to help those who are in need.  Much thanks to Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines and Sole for Souls for the Sketchers slip-ons now cladding the feet of thousands of students of Sta. Fe.

 photo OBSketchersdonationtoStaFeLeyte.jpg


STA. FE, Leyte– MORE than a thousand barefoot kids and children in tattered shoes and worn out slippers marched toward the expansive school grounds of the Sta. Fe Central School, the biggest school in this district, last Tuesday morning, they diligently fell in line behind designated scouts who carried their special “numbers.”

Unmindful of the searing pre-noon heat, the students came from the 17 schools of Sta. Fe who were chosen to receive premium slip-ons from Skechers donated through Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines.

Before it reached the school, volunteers painstakingly went through the list earlier submitted by the teachers, ensuring that they had the right sizes and carried the huge cartons containing the Skechers slip-ons toward the delivery vans en route to the school.

To spice up the occasion, representatives from the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) even presented a brief puppet show to the delight of children.

The distribution of the Skechers slip-ons was both fun and tedious. Trying the slip-ons to each and every student was a daunting task. But the reward came from the sincerest “Thank Yous” from the students, a tight hug, a big smile and the happy races of some of the students as they clutched their new pair of shoes while othes waved them on air.

Mrs. Rosario Buena, district supervisor of the Sta. Fe district which covers 17 schools and 3,999 total school population, said that the students were eagerly looking forward to this day when they would receive and bring home new pairs of footwear.

“Wala na kasi talaga silang gamit na sapatos. Tinangay ni Yolanda ang lahat ng kanilang mga gamit, mula bahay, damit, school supplies at mga sapatos. Noong sabihan ko sila na magbibigay ang Operation Blessing ng sapatos sa kanila dahil may donasyon ang Skechers, sobrang tuwa ng mga estudyante (The students do not have any more shoes left to use. Yolanda washed away everything that they had from their homes, clothes, school supplies, and their shoes. So, when I told them that Operation Blessing will be giving them shoes coming from the donation of Skechers, the students were so happy),” Mrs. Buena said.

She added that the new slip-ons meant a lot to the students, especially since most of them now come to school in tattered shoes and slippers, while some even go to school barefoot.

Mrs. Buena added that the new pairs of slip-ons signified new hope for the students and a validation that help will continue to come and that better days are bound to come.

She also thanked Operation Blessing for the simultaneous feeding programs being conducted in the different schools of the district which have motivated more students to regularly attend their classes.

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Tips On Making Laundry Day a Success

Whether on one’s own or with a family in tow, doing laundry can often turn into a whole day affair, much to the dismay of everyone involved. The following tips can help make doing laundry less of a disaster, especially for those with large of amounts of clothing needing washed on a frequent basis. By utilizing laundry sorters and other organizers from stores like Seville Classics, laundry day doesn’t have to be the utter catastrophe it’s normally regarded as.

Sort Before Washing

By sorting your clothes before actually initiating the washing process, so much time and stress can be saved. Laundry sorters are ideal in this capacity, as they allow a more efficient use of time when actually preparing to launder the items. Unlike a regular basket or hamper, a sorter offers numerous compartments for different types of clothing. These items can then be placed in the appropriate compartment as they are worn.

Read the Labels

It’s important to read labels thoroughly because some items may be dry-clean only, which would necessitate alternative arrangements to the standard laundry set up. Also, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to things like colors and heat preferences. Playing it fast and loose with one’s laundry can only lead to heart ache down the line, often in the form of favorite items of clothing being hopelessly ruined.

Pre-Treat Stains

Pre-treating can save clothing from being discarded in the event of a catastrophic stain. There are a number of pre-treaters on the market that work wonders for easily removing an array of stains. Pre-treating can be done when sorting clothing, and can save an unbelievable amount of hassle when attempting to launder heavily soiled clothing.

Know the Difference Between Detergents

There are actually a few different types of detergents available on the market today, each with their own benefits. Popular detergents include:

  • Powder – Powder detergents are common in many homes, thanks to their affordability and reliable nature. Powder detergents are ideal for items stained with dirt, but may not work as well in cold water as other types of detergents.
  • Liquid – Liquid detergents are a bit more expensive, but that’s because they work a bit better on tougher stains. Unlike powder detergents, liquid brands can dissolve more easily in cold water, which can be important when washing items on the delicate cycle.
  • High Efficiency – High efficiency detergents are designed specifically for high efficiency washers. These detergents are touted as dispersing more quickly and producing less suds than their more common counterparts. High efficiency detergents are really only necessary if one is using the accompanying high efficiency machine.

Don’t Forget the Dryer

The first thing to do before drying is to ensure that the dryer’s lint trap is cleaned of debris. Next, determine which items belong in the dryer. This information can usually be found on the clothing label. Also, check labels for appropriate drying temperatures. Items that are in danger of shrinking should be dried at lower temperatures.

The above tips can turn anyone’s slap shod laundry day routine into a well-oiled machine. By taking one’s time, laundry and utilizing the advice above, doing laundry can be an efficient and stress-free undertaking.

Missing Her Preschool Graduation

For the nth time, little girl missed a school program and had to be nursed on the sick bed. :-(  Had it been any other program, I wouldn’t have minded much at all.  But THIS was her graduation day!  So it’s only a preschool graduation, but it still IS a graduation.  Another milestone she has achieved. A culmination of her two years in preschool.

Our kids’ preschool does not hand out special awards or give academic recognition during moving up ceremonies so the only thing we’d really look forward to was watching our children perform on stage.  This year’s moving up ceremony though, marked Jade’s graduation from preschool. Apart from their usual dance number, some of them were chosen to deliver graduation speeches.  Of course, we were excited to see Jade read her speech in a cute li’l pink toga.

Alas, the little girl had to be rushed to the ER on the eve of her Moving Up Day.  Her WBC was a soaring 21 – way too high from the normal upper limit of 10.  There was no other recourse but to start her on IV antibiotics immediately.  Sadly, this meant that she couldn’t make it to her school program the next day.  For her to still be a part of the program even if she couldn’t be there physically, my husband asked Jade if she wanted him to take a video of her reading the opening prayer and her speech.

Opening Prayer

Jade’s answer to “How did Kinderwood shape me into who I am today?”

I knew she would rather be on stage than on the hospital bed.  She was such a trooper though and was still her usual cheery self.  You got to hand it to her, she was still answering workbooks even though she was sick AND school was over. :-)

Jade in CMC

Dazzle The Town with Custom Outdoor Lighting

Nothing shows off a building’s remarkable features more than artistic illumination at night. This type of spectacular lighting catches the vision of any onlookers driving or walking down the street, who will appreciate the outstanding decorative work of the building.

The curb appeal of customized lighting is among the most effective ways to add value and beauty to your home or business. The perfect placement of well-chosen fixtures by a specialist such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will create a captivating environment.

Your residence or business can be the talk of the neighborhood with exceptional lighting that transforms it into a wonderland. Meticulous attention to every detail of the design, the use of premium quality materials and professional craftsmanship once the project is ordered all give the result of stunning appeal.

A free nighttime demonstration by the company will give you an exciting preview of what can be a spectacular transformation. In addition to the beauty, you will learn of the added benefits of safety and security.

After the installation, a staff member will drive by at night to make sure everything looks and works just right, and any needed adjustments will be made. You’ll enjoy outstanding warranty coverage and free maintenance for the first year with the opportunity to extend to an Annual Maintenance Plan, which will fix or replace any worn out or malfunctioning part. You’ll never even have to change a light bulb!

Your landscaping is one of the most distinctive and loveliest features, so why hide it once the sun goes down? Custom lighting is tailored to make gardens, fountains, statues and other features look terrific and vibrant. The best part is how much it extends your hours of outside enjoyment. Outdoor living areas can be accentuated to extend the square footage by opening up your patio, porch, deck or gazebo at night for entertaining. Fully programmable controls allow lights to switch on and off automatically.

Special occasions such as holidays, weddings and birthdays call for additional lighting to brighten up the area and create unforgettable memories.

When your outdoor custom lighting is designed, installed and maintained by professionals, you’ll be more than happy with the result.