Gastronomic Adventure with Delightful-E Yummy Web Series

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Go on a gastronomic adventure with the Delightful-E Yummy Web Series

Great-tasting food can only come from the freshest ingredients. Before learning to prepare mouth-watering recipes, knowing how to pick the best ingredients must come first. That’s why Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, brings you the Delightful-E Yummy Web Series!

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Delightful-E Yummy Picks

Join DJ Delamar Arias of the Morning Rushas she travels to various places in Luzon to pick the freshest ingredients and keep them at their best condition inside the Electrolux NutriFresh™ Refrigerator. From harvesting the freshest herbs and lettuce to picking the best meat cuts in the market, DJ Delamar will give you the know-howsin selecting only the best ingredients for a delightfully delicious meal every time.

Delightful-E Yummy Fix

Watch Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco and Chef Bruce Lim create delicious recipes from DJ Delamar’s freshly picked ingredients in the Delightful-E Yummy Fix Web Series. Learn mouth-watering and easy-to-do recipeswith special guests like Cheska and Kendra Kramer, food blogger Lori Baltazar, and Chef Bruce’s son Brandon.

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The Delightful-E Yummy Web Series will surely get you the freshest ingredients and the most appetizing dishes for the family.Visit to watch the latest Yummy Picks and Fix latest webisodes!

For more information on the Delightful-E Yummy Web Series, visit, follow @ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram.


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What Can You Do With A Paper Bag?

Do you have a Sophia the First or any other Disney princess fan in the house? Here’s a simple craft you can do at home to make princess play time more fun. AND, wait for it, it costs less than 30 pesos!

This craft was not one of our spur of the moment crafts.  The little girl had this planned since yesterday when she saw the “gems” in a fabric shop in the local market.  I was buying some extra clasps for her skirt when she asked if she could get some of the purple sew-on gems. She said that she absolutely needed them to make her crown and her necklace.  She asked for two big oval gems and six small diamond ones.  The gems and a meter-long of lace cost just 29 pesos in all.

When we got home, I had chores to do and wasn’t able to help her gather materials for her crafts.  What she did instead was “design” her Sophia the first crown and necklace.  The collage below shows her sketch of the accessories and dress and her finished crown and necklace.

 photo sophiacraft.jpg

Today, we were able to make all the stuff she needed for her Sophia the First play day.  I used one brown paper bag to make her crown.  The bottom part of the crown consists of three strips cut from the bag.  Jade colored it yellow and glued on the gems.  The other big gem was attached to the purple lace with tape.  When the glue was all dry, she put on her old purple dress (it was actually two sizes too small already) and got ready for her Royal play date with her brother Jakei. :-)

 photo sophiajasmine.jpg

Care to share how you’ve used simple items at home to make your kids’ playtime more fun?

Ready for School with ROBBY RABBIT BAGS

Save for a few more books that need to be covered, both kids are all set for big school next week.  We’ve been spending the past couple of days preparing them for their new school sched. That means waking up early and getting used to school routine.  This also includes familiarizing them with their bags, books, and school supplies.

This year, hubby bought Robby Rabbit trolley bags for the two kids – their big bags for big school.  The little girl got the pink and purple Flower Blast bag and the little boy got the black and gray Go Fast Extreme.

 photo RRboysbag.jpg

 photo RRgirls.jpg

Although different in design, both bag had similar features – spacious main compartment, multiple compartments, interior organizer, e-z grip handle, side pockets for lunch bag and water tumbler, hydropocket and multi-directional spinner wheels.

 photo RRboysspace.jpg

 photo RRgirlsspace.jpg

The bags also came with pencil cases, lunch bags, and water tumblers. The water tumblers come with pouches that can be easily attached to the side of the trolley bag.

 photo RRboysaccessories.jpg

 photo RRgirlsaccessories.jpg

 The first few months of school is expected to be beset with rain so I asked my husband to buy raincovers for the kids’ bags.  He didn’t have to buy any though as both Robby Rabbit bags had raincovers.  The one on my li’l boy’s bag was even securely attached to the back of the main bag so there’s no risk of losing it at all.

 photo RRraincover.jpg

I forgot to take a picture of the wheels but they are the best feature of these bags. Each bag has six spinner wheels that allow even small children to maneuver the bag with ease. The wheels rotate a full 360° degrees so it’s easy to move the bag in any direction.  The two kids have been practicing moving their bags and have managed to do so without difficulty.

The only thing that the kids don’t like in their bags are the buckles.  They’re both having a hard time opening and closing the buckles.  The little girl’s finger even got caught in the buckle while she was practicing opening and closing it.  Apart from that, we love all the features of their Robby Rabbit bags.  We’re hoping the bags would be durable enough to last the entire school year or even a couple years more.

How about your kids,  what bags have they been using for school?  Would you recommend another brand for us or are you using Robby Rabbit bags as well?

Trumpets Playshop 2014: A Summer’s Tale

Kids dressed up as animals, a wonderful story about being God’s stewards of creation, catchy music…just the elements you need for a truly entertaining theater showcase.  Watch our li’l Jade and other playshoppers in their performance of A Summer’s Tale, an adaptation of Grandpa’s Garden and It’s a Giant World.   It’ll be fun to watch, just please bear with the poor vid quality. We were just using a point-and-shoot cam. :-)

My Little Caterpillar at the Trumpets Playshop 2014 Showcase

And just like that another summer is over!   It has been almost three weeks since my li’l girl’s theatre class ended and I’m still catching up with summer house cleaning.  Spending three days in a week as my little girl’s PA during her classes at the Trumpets Playshop was extremely tiring but knowing that she loved every minute she spent there is exceedingly gratifying.

Through Children’s Theater, kids age 4 – 6 years old learn to appreciate their God-given talents and to use them properly.  They are taught the basic elements of music, dance, and drama through fun and creative ways.  Kids are also inspired to always give their best to God.

 photo showcasejadewithtaudie.jpg

“I learned how to be on stage. I also learned how to sing and dance.” – Jade              Thank you Teacher Joann and Teacher Joan for being patient with our li’l girl and for making her summer fun and meaningful! Thank you Teacher Audie for founding Trumpets Playshop!


Trumpets Playshop 2014 started on April 7 and ended with the Showcase on May 17.   That’s sixteen 1.5-hr sessions and a 1-hr technical rehearsal culminating in a showcase at the RCBC Theatre.  We shelled a total of P8,200 (excluding transpo and food expenses) for the workshop fee (P5,800), the costume (P1,200), the recital fee (P900), and the yearbook (P400).  That’s really no small amount for us but my husband allotted funds for it because he knows how our little Jade enjoys performing.  Besides, the joy of seeing your child happily performing on the “big” stage IS PRICELESS!

 photo showcasecertificate.jpg

Here are some of the pics from their showcase this year, A Summer’s Tale:

 photo showcasecaterpillarsonleaves.jpg

 photo showcasecaterpillarscenterstage.jpg

 photo showcasecaterpillarsdance.jpg

 photo showcasecaterpillarsbow.jpg

 photo showcasecaterpillarssidestage.jpg

 photo TPfriends.jpg

Are we going to enrol her again in Trumpets Playshop next summer? Yes! Never mind the thrice a week commute under the heat of the summer sun or the huge dent in our budget;   Our little thespian loves to perform and we love watching her have fun on stage.  :-) Watch the videos here.

 photo showcasemamathePA.jpg

Proud Nanay , Forever PA :-)